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How We Help


Performance Evaluations   Many of your clients may have already purchased life insurance policies. While they may have understood their need and what they were purchasing at the time, they rarely have clarity about their insurance portfolio and whether or not it is in complete alignment with their current objectives. Our Performance Evaluation process allows our team to provide a comprehensive, objective analysis of their existing portfolio, reporting on each policy and exploring how it aligns with the objectives that you have helped the client identify. If the policies are aligned with the client’s objectives, our reporting will simply confirm that fact and bring value to your relationship. If the policies currently have  flaws that interfere with achieving the client’s objectives, our team will clearly outline solutions that may improve the policies and also help you get those improved policies in place.


Business Valuation   Many business owners are so wrapped up in addressing the day-to-day concerns of their business that they have failed to develop or monitor plans to protect the business against unforeseen events. As a result, these business owners take a risk on a daily basis that leaves them unknowingly exposed to devastation. Our team partners with specialized insurance attorneys and accountants to provide complimentary evaluation services to your business owner clients:

  • Accounting professionals are available to perform an informal evaluation of your client’s business and give them a good indication of the company’s current value. Often owners do not know exactly what their business is worth because they want to avoid the fees associated with obtaining a valuation. Our valuation service ensures that your client knows what their asset is actually worth.

  • Legal professionals will assess all legal documents related to the business and provide guidance on any gaps in their existing documents and plan. This service can help the business owner understand how an unforeseen event could impact their business.

  • Our team can offer recommendations and solutions that will help your business owner client eliminate the risk of their greatest asset being depleted due to unforeseen circumstances.


Long Term Care Evaluations   Without a doubt, long term care is an important issue for many clients. Whether they are currently self-insuring or have purchased a policy in the past, many clients do not fully understand their options in regard to eliminating the risk of losing some of their hard-earned assets to an unforeseen long term care issue. Our evaluation process allows us to assess the need they may have or the policies that they have purchased and provide objective guidance and  solutions that can help them address this important area of their life.

Ongoing Education for You and Your Staff   Much like the investment industry, the insurance industry is changing rapidly. It would be an overwhelming task for any firm to stay abreast of all of the relevant changes in all of the different channels within the wealth management industry. Our firm provides an array of ongoing education to help you and your team stay current about solutions that may best suit each individual client and their situation. Although the curriculum is broad, we will personalize the education to meet your needs and keep you up-to-date on the topics that are most important to your practice.