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You've worked hard to build your retirement assets. Now, you and your family are able to live the quality of life you've always desired. 
How would your quality of life be affected if something suddenly happened to you requiring long-term care.  Would you have enough saved to pay for these rising expenses and if so, would it prevent you from being able to afford the quality of life you have in place now for your family?

Rarely do we anticipate this kind of life-changing event would ever happen to us but reality shows us it happens everyday. Life if filled with peaks and valleys that can affect your financial position in a variety of ways.  Let Collaborative Planning Group help prepare you for the uncertainties of life through strategies that will help you protect what you've built from life's uncertainties.



Americans age 65+ will need some type of Long-Term Care*
* U.S. Administration on Aging, Department of Health and Human Services, Dec. 2012. (202) 619-0724.


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